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A graduate of Salisbury University, Michele has been with the firm since 1994 and a Partner since 2008. Her practice concentrates on non-profit auditing, employee benefit plans, corporate and individual tax preparation and planning. She also has expertise in audits of non-profit organizations, focusing on state and federal funding, non-profit tax and compliance issues.  Her area of expertise is auditing and consulting with DDA agencies, assisting with the complex funding and reporting changes over the last 20 years.

Michele is a participating member of the AICPA and MACPA and Lead Partner for GAQC membership and oversees the peer review process.  Michele has sponsored trainings and seminars to non-profit member organizations and community groups to further promote awareness of various non-profit issues. In addition, she is highly experienced in corporate and individual tax planning, and preparation. She is an integral part of the firm’s mentoring and recruiting programs, contributing to its expansion and growth.

Born in Maryland, she currently resides in Ellicott City, Maryland. Michele enjoys spending time at the beach, skiing and hiking with her husband and two daughters (and their two dogs too!)