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Nonprofits are an important part of our community and require a special expertise to ensure proper financial policies and systems are in place.  With over 50 years experience with non-profit organizations ranging from $200,000 to $35 million in gross revenue, financial and fiduciary oversight responsibilities are still the most important issue no matter what size.  Nonprofits are under scrutiny by the public, funders and the government and special attention is needed to ensure proper compliance with laws and regulations to ensure the program mission is successful.

Our commitment nonprofit entities includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Preparation of audited financial statements in compliance with GAAP and Uniform Guidance
  • Federal and State funding requiring special compliance reports
  • Medicare and State cost reports
  • Review of finance departments and restructuring as necessary (training and hiring)
  • Provide recommendations on industry developments and non-profit accounting and reporting issues
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Assistance with grant submissions
  • Restructure of chart of accounts to accommodate funders
  • Preparation of tax/informational returns (Form 990, MD personal property returns, State charitable registration)
  • Review of governance policies and trainings provided to members/boards
  • Review of internal controls
  • Unrelated Business Income
  • Reporting of lobbying activity
  • Endowments and spending policies
  • Types of clients served:
    • Churches
    • Schools
    • Homeowner Associations
    • DDA agencies
    • Trade Associations
    • PTO/PTA
    • Foundations
    • Membership organizations
    • Hospices
    • Mental Health agencies
    • Child services agencies