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Establishing employee benefit plans should be a top priority to market the organization to new employees as well as maintain and retain your current employee base. We have the experience, knowledge, and business expertise to help you achieve your objectives and help you navigate the different type of employee benefit plans available to identify the best fit for your organization. We focus on establishing partnerships with you and your investment advisors to understand your plan and provide the best guidance and service for your needs.

Our commitment to the employee benefit plan profession includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Review of options of what plans are available for small businesses, non-profits and for-profits
  • Preparation of audited financial statements under ERISA and IRS compliance auditing standards (i.e. 401 (k) plans, 403 (b) plans, health and welfare plans)
  • Preparation and review of compliance reporting requirements
  • Assist with understanding unique compliance requirements for various employee-benefit plans
  • Assist with establishing plan document rules and policies. Including adhering to current and future Department of Labor and IRS developing standards.
  • Provide education and training on fiduciary responsibilities
  • Provide recommendations on industry developments regarding plan audit requirements
  • Assistance with Form 5500 filings