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DDA agencies provide diverse program services to adults with disabilities that receive complex funding from the State of Maryland and various other government agencies.  Many agencies are structured as non-profits but can be organized as for-profits as well.  Due to the unique payment system, complex regulations and annual reporting requirements, keeping up with the industry changes can be quite challenging. Our firm has decades of experience with the evolving funding and payment structures. We have a dedicated team (including 3 partners) to servicing DDA agencies, focusing on all financial aspects from business start-up, expansion of new programs, to acquisitions and mergers with other agencies and analyzing rates as changes occur.

Our commitment to DDA agencies profession includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Consultation in regards to funding from the State of Maryland under the Fee Payment System (PCIS2 and LTSS)
  • Preparation of audited financial statements in compliance with GAAP and Uniform Guidance
  • Preparation of the annual cost report and review of compliance reporting requirements
  • Review of finance departments and restructuring as necessary (training and hiring)
  • Provide recommendations on industry developments new rate systems and non-profit accounting and reporting issues
  • Cash flow analysis (prospective payment system converting to the reimbursement model soon)
  • Preparation of tax returns (Form 990, 1120, 1120s)
  • Trainings provided to nonprofits and other membership organizations
  • Affiliations with MANO, MACS, ARC
  • Members of the AICPA, MACPA, EBPAQC, GAQC
  • Members of local chamber of commerce