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Mullen, Sondberg, Wimbish & Stone, P.A. is pleased to offer SafeSend Suites to our clients as a secure, electronic delivery system for tax organizers, returns and documents. 


What are the benefits to you?

  • Increased security around the sharing of your confidential tax documents.
  • An improved turnaround time in preparation and delivery of your tax return — we will no longer have the delay of information being routed through the mail and we will have immediate access to documents once submitted.
  • Simultaneous access to the same tax documents — you will retain a copy of all information you provide to us through the software, which means you will not have to wait for us to process and return any documents to you that you may need as we complete your tax return.
  • Electronically sign your e-file authorization forms, or print, manually sign and return as usual. 
  • Quick summary of taxes owed or refunds due.
  • Quarterly email reminders for estimated tax payments.
  • For business clients, electronically distribute K-1s to your Partners/Shareholders.