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“Mullen and Sondbergs’ audit team has always given great consideration to our ‘realities on the ground.’ They have taken our processes and conventions as a starting point and tailored their audit to those realities rather than requiring us to fit into a one-size-fits-all model. I appreciate their willingness to help prepare our financial statements and notes, giving important support to Treasurer and our Controller. Our audit has always been ready for our board meetings, even when events or changes in regulations have added to reporting requirements. These are accountants who understand schools so that valuable time isn’t spent explaining why things are handled the way they are.”….Nonprofit School

Our School has worked with Mullen and Sondberg for more than 20 years. They are thorough, professional, and offer personal attention for all accounting needs.”….Nonprofit School

“We have found Mullen, Sondberg, Wimbish and Stone to be very competent and easy to work with. They have been invaluable throughout the year when we have specific questions that require subject matter expert opinions. The staff has invested the time required to fully understand how the school operates and has provided good guidance to the staff and Board on ways to improve our processes and procedures.” ……..Nonprofit School

“We have been very pleased with the services provided to our agency from Mullen, Sondberg, Wimbish & Stone.  Perhaps the greatest benefit to using this agency is the time they are willing to spend with staff outside the finance department.  They provide worksheets, spread sheets, and documents to help us assess our entire organization and to maximize the funds we are given.  They keep up to date with trends and issues affecting DD-provider agencies and help translate those into what financial impact will be felt.  The partner makes sure enough time is given to the Board of Directors to answer their questions and to assist them in understanding the audit.  We feel their understanding of non-profits and DD-provider agencies has helped us improve as an organization…..CEO from DDA nonprofit agency.


“As a government contract agency, we has utilized Mullen, Sondberg, Wimbish & Stone (MSWS) for over 10 years to handle all tax matters for our company, as well as annual financial audits and 401(k) compliance audits.  As a Federal contracting company mandated to operate within sound fiscal restraints, it is vital for us to ensure GAAP accounting processes are adequately tracked and monitored and that our systems operate efficiently and effectively.  The accountants at MSWS represent the highest degree of professionalism and integrity and provide a level of service unmatched by many of the top accounting firms in the United States”……CEO For-profit government agency.  

“The firm has provided a wide range of services to the School that have included auditing, consulting, research, tax preparation and training.  The standard services that they have provided include conducting our annual financial and federal audits and preparing our IRS Form 990 and 5500 returns.  Representatives from the firm have been instrumental in working with my staff and members of the Board on understanding and preparing for impending changes in accounting standards and federal compliance requirements.  They are readily available to interface with our audit, finance and investment committees of the Board, which has proven to be invaluable.  I consider MSWS one of the Schools most valuable business partners.  I do not hesitate to consult them on any matter and have always found them to be responsive, timely and reliable.  Their work product is thoroughly completed and they make themselves available to address any questions or concerns that we might have.  It is for all of these reasons that I support without hesitation and highly recommend them…….Treasurer of Nonprofit School.


“I am pleased to recommend the services of Mullen, Sondberg, Wimbish & Stone, P.A. for both independent financial audits and A-133 federal audits for nonprofit organizations.  MSWS has assisted our nonprofit organization in this capacity for three years, and I have been favorably impressed with the high quality of staff as well as the service-oriented culture of MSWS overall.  In my experience, MSWS has proven to be a superior company.  MSWS staff are very knowledgeable and experienced in conducing nonprofit and federal audits, and as a result the auditing process always runs smoothly and efficiently.  Even more than technical expertise, we have been impressed with MSWS effective communication, timeliness, and relevant guidance.  My staff appreciate that MSWS has taken the time to get to know our Organization business well enough to offer us helpful and accurate recommendations with respect to our internal controls”…….CEO from Nonprofit agency