Non-Profit News Briefs

Does your nonprofit properly report donations? - Do Forms 8282 and 8283 sound familiar? If not, your nonprofit may be neglecting to file required forms about donations or to obtain required forms from donors. Learn more so that your organization can avoid penalties. (May 30, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Financial sustainability and your nonprofit - Short-term thinking may get your nonprofit through the day, but it won’t enable you to serve your community for years into the future. Learn what your organization can do to help ensure its financial sustainability. (May 23, 2018)  Click here for full article. 

Knowing whether income is sponsorship or advertising - If your nonprofit receives income from sponsorships or advertising, it’s important to be aware of the differences between the two and the potential unrelated business income tax consequences. (May 9, 2018)  Click here for full article. 

Three ideas for recruiting nonprofit volunteers - Need volunteers? Join the club. Most nonprofits struggle to maintain sufficient volunteer staffing levels. But there are relatively simple ways to recruit extra hands. Consider these three. (May 2, 2018)  Click here for full article. 

Accounting for pledges isn't as simple as it might seem - If you don’t record donor pledges in the right financial period, you could run into audit issues and put your nonprofit’s funding in jeopardy. Here’s how to recognize such promises properly. (April 25, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Four steps to boosting positive PR for your nonprofit - Getting your nonprofit in the news in a positive way broadens its exposure, enhances its credibility and enables you to spread the word about your mission. To attract more media attention, try these four steps. (April 11, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Finding a bookkeeper for your nonprofit - Nonprofit bookkeepers may be required to handle everything from accounts payable to audit preparation to sending donor acknowledgments. To find the right bookkeeper for your organization, follow these tips. (April 4, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Mature nonprofits face changing priorities - Your mature nonprofit probably maintains adequate operating reserves and sufficient cash on hand to support daily operations. But what are you doing to increase impact and sustain financial stability? (March 28, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Make telecommuting work for your nonprofit - Allowing employees to telecommute can help reduce expenses, enhance recruiting efforts and promote greater productivity. But there are several issues to consider before you give staffers the go-ahead. (March 21, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Is your nonprofit's board providing adequate fiscal oversight? - Your board needs to ensure that your nonprofit has reliable operating cash flow, avoids unnecessary risk and adheres to accounting policies. If members aren’t qualified to make these calls, you may need to look beyond your current board. (March 14, 2018)  Click here for full article.

It's time for nonprofits to embrace the cloud - If your nonprofit hasn’t yet moved to “the cloud,” it’s worth considering. Cloud computing can offer stronger security and significant cost savings, among other benefits. But look before you leap. (February 28, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Boosting the matching gifts your nonprofit receives - Gift-matching enables donors to make larger contributions than they can manage on their own. Knowing their gift will be matched, they might even bump up the amount. Your nonprofit can foster matching in several ways. (February 21, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Making the most of your nonprofit's internal audit function - Your nonprofit’s internal auditors have a unique perspective on your organization’s operations and financial condition. Are you making the most of their knowledge and expertise? (February 14, 2018)  Click here for full article.

How nonprofits can regain their tax-exempt status - If your nonprofit has lost its tax-exempt status due to an automatic revocation, you can apply to regain your status by filing Form 1023 or 1024. Here’s how to support your application. (January 31, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Collaborating for a cause: Nonprofit alliances - Before forming a strategic alliance with another organization, ensure that it shares your nonprofit’s values and is able to live up to its financial commitments. Consider these tips for success, too. (January 24, 2018)  Click here for full article.

What nonprofits need to know about the new tax law - The higher standard deduction is only one of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions that require nonprofits to revisit and possibly revise their financial assumptions. Here are a few more. (January 17, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Conflict-of-interest checklist for nonprofits - Does your nonprofit have a conflict-of-interest policy? Are board members required to pledge to disclose all possible conflicts? To protect your exempt status, review this checklist of best practices. (January 10, 2018)  Click here for full article.

Don't let donor fatigue erode support for your nonprofit - A dedicated donor base is critical to your nonprofit’s future. Prevent donor fatigue by changing up your fundraising tactics. (January 3, 2018)  Click here for full article.